Rajasthan (Bursting Incredible Experiences)

Rajasthan is a vibrant amalgamation of magnificent monuments, captivating wildlife habitats, widespread sand dunes, distinct cultures, delicious cuisines and hospitable people. This is the land of royalty & pride. Those looking out for the residues of the history should never miss a trip to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan’s topography is essentially dominated by sand dunes of Thar Desert, mighty hills of Aravali ranges & the famous Chambal river. The adventure lovers have countless opportunities to enjoy safaris through the wilderness, desert & rivers.

The architecture of Rajasthan is full of intricate and significant carvings. All the monuments, temples & stepwells depict the Rajputana culture. They all are visual delights for the visitors.

This entire region is home for the rich customs & traditions. The folk music & lively dance forms make it even more enticing. Rajasthan represents each shade of its authentic lifestyle in its artwork. May it be either stone, clay, leather, wool, wood, lac, glass, brass, silver, gold or textiles.

Pick & Choose Your Desired Experiences:

  • Jeep Safari through Leopard Habitats over the rocky hills
  • Exotic Dinner by the Stepwell
  • Guided Village Walks / Safaris
  • Overnight Camping in Thar Desert
  • Dunes Bashing by Open Jeep / SUV in Thar Desert
  • Camel Ride in Thar Desert
  • Overnight Stay on the Fort
  • Stay in Heritage / Grand Heritage Hotels
  • Nature Trails
  • Bird Watching Experience
  • Jeep Safari in Tiger Reserve
  • Boating through River Chambal
  • Guided visits to Forts, Palaces & Cities
  • Visit Havelis with Fresco Paintings & exquisite carvings
  • Visit the workshops of Blue Pottery, Block Printing & Precious Stones
  • Staying in Lakeside Grand Palace
  • Horse Safaris through the Countryside

Recommended Itineraries

Itinerary 1 : The Leopard Trail (4 nights / 5 days)

Places Covered: Jawai, Narlai / Kumbhalgarh.

Itinerary 2 : Mysterious Marwad (5 nights / 6 days)

Places Covered:Dechu, Jaisalmer, Rohet / Luni / Jodhpur.

Itinerary 3 : Along The Chambal (6 nights / 7 days)

Places Covered: Ranthambhore, Ramathra, Dholpur, Ram Sagar / Bharatpur.

Itinerary 4 : Amazing Aravalis (7 nights / 8 days)

Places Covered: Lakshman Sagar, Narlai / Kumbhalgarh / Deogarh, Ranakpur, Gogunda / Udaipur.

Itinerary 5 : Reliving the Bygone Era (7 nights / 8 days)

Places Covered: Mandawa / Alsisar, Nagaur, Rohet / Luni, Narlai / Kumbhalgarh / Deogarh.

Itinerary 6 : Magnificent Mewad (8 nights / 9 days)

Places Covered: Jaipur, Pushkar, Narlai / Kumbhalgarh / Deogarh, Ranakpur, Dungarpur / Udaipur.

Itinerary 7 : Ravishing Rajasthan (9 nights / 10 days)

Places Covered: Ranthambhore, Jaipur, Pushkar, Nagaur, Laxman Sagar, Rohet / Luni / Jodhpur.

Itinerary 8 : Classical Rajasthan (14 nights / 15 days)

Places Covered: Udaipur, Ranakpur, Narlai / Kumbhalgarh / Deogarh, Rohet / Luni / Jodhpur, Dechu, Jaisalmer, Gajner / Bikaner, Mandawa / Alsisar, Jaipur.

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